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Workflow and Planning

Workflows are required by any business. The need to drive standardized activities across multiple working groups and gather the result of these activities in a managed and structured way is fundamental to the operation of any business. Our workflow app provides you with the power and flexibility to create and manage these workflows.

Our workflow engine provides a powerful application that can be customised by you to drive any business process.

Typical Uses

New site rollout

Site Upgrades


Climb downs


How it works

Every workflow is driven by a template. You create a template to define the activities in the workflow, how the flow will operate, what actions can be taken at each step and what results should be captured. Once the template is created you can use it to create workflows on individual sites. This enables you to create standardized workflows on any site all driven from a single uniform template.

Workflow types

Standard workflow:

Normal workflows allow you to create a series of activities that can be either executed in a predefined order or randomly. As each activity is completed the workflow owner can be automatically notified of the completion or rejection of the activity.

Document workflow:

For document workflow you can have our workflow manage the flow of documents from activity to activity. Once a document is added in one activity, it is automatically forwarded to the next activity in line where it is again revised and updated, before being passed onto the next step.


Order and execution

How the workflow executes each activity – This can be random where any activity can be completed in any order, or sequentially where each activity is executed in turn.


You can prevent an activity from being completed unless named previous activities have already been completed. This list of predecessors or dependencies allows you to choose any number of dependent activities the workflow will check that these have been completed first before allow the user to complete the current activity.

Results capture

Workflows support three distinct data capture options – Notes field, documents, Photos and custom structured data. You can choose any or all of these to be available to the user and can also set the option to force the user to enter specific results.

Structured results give you a powerful option not only to name the data you want captured, but also to force its capture – For example this could be the power reading in KWH for a site inspection or the bearing for a specific antenna on a mast.

Progress Reporting

Any activity in a workflow can be marked to automatically appear in a workflow progress report. This interactive report will display each workflow and the status of each activity against the target date. The system will display a traffic light colour depending on whether the activity is meeting its forecast date or ahead/behind schedule.

Role Driven

The workflow application is driven by custom roles. You assign your staff to a role and they are automatically notified of a workflow activity if that role is the designated activity owner. Any organisation can create an unlimited number of roles and staff can be assigned to multiple roles if required.

3rd party contractors can also be assigned to roles and the Siteshare system will push the activity into their work queue automatically.

Contractor Integration

Siteshare is designed to integrate contractor organisations and allow self management. This permits contractors to add and remove staff independently of your organisation. This design eases the burden of managing contractors, their staff, usernames and passwords as it pushes the task of managing these staff directly to the contractor.

3rd party contractors can also be assigned to roles and the Siteshare system will push the activity into their work queue automatically.


Any user can add notes to the overall workflow or to individual activities at any time. This allows you to gather information on the workflow and any notes from activity owners.

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