Building Maintenance


Rolling out new sites is a very expensive and time consuming undertaking. Siteshare's Rollout applications automate much of the tasks involved in rolling out new sites from identifying candidate sites and managing survey results to automating the management of the multitude of dependent tasks necessary for any site rollout

Candidate Sites

The Siteshare Rollout application supports multiple candidate sites. This allows you to locate and survey a number of potential candidate sites and store survey results against each one. Once you have identified and selected one of the candidates as the preferred site, Siteshare will keep a historical record of all information for the remaining candidates.

Rollout Milestones & tasks

With our integrated Projects application you can create a list of milestones and tasks that are required to be executed for any rollout process. This includes site identification, survey results, legal milestones etc. Each task or milestone can be managed and shared with your rollout team and status updates reflected immediately.

Progress Report

The progress report is fundamental to any site rollout. It clearly identifies the status of any milestone and any tasks and their progress against predefined dates. You can choose which activities are displayed and also with item of data from the activity is selected.

In addition the progress report can be scheduled to run on a timed basis and automatically emailed to your rollout team. This ensures that they are always up to date on the rollout status for all sites.

Server Status

All services running normally