Building Maintenance

Site owners and providers

Managing your assets, or the assets of your tenants on your sites, is necessary for any site provider or operator. With constant equipments changes, multiple contractors on site and frequent equipment failures keeping track of what equipment is actually installed on site is difficult.

As a site provider you need to track and manage what equipment has been installed on your site, who owns it and has it been billed for. Our asset register not only helps you manage the assets installed but also links them directly to your estates or contract manager to ensure that each and every asset is charged for.

As a tenant or operator on a 3rd party site you need to keep track of your equipment and its location. With many different contractors employed and ever changing contractor staff, keeping your asset register up to date is almost impossible. Siteshare can manage your assets and even automatically update from from the contractors booking for the site.

Access management - Reduce costs

Siteshare can automate all access to your sites, saving you costs in terms of staffing. We can also automate the process of validating the health and safety requirements of any contractors or tenants accessing your sites.

Contractor management

Most work on sites is carried out by 3rd party contractors working on behalf of your tenants/customers. Siteshare pushes the burden of managing these contractors down to the contractor organisations themselves. You, or a tenant, authorises the contractor but the addtion of staff, login and password management is all done by the contractor themselves. This greatly reduces the burden on your staff.

Server Status

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