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Cloud or Private - You choose

Siteshare can be configured as a shared SaaS (Software as a service) system where all tenants and contractors access a single application. However some tenants and operators may prefer a separate, private application which would be unique to their sites. Siteshare can support either a shared cloud installation or a private application on a custom web address (URL and IP), specifically for each customer.

Flexible Database architecture

Siteshare can be configured as a shared cloud system where all tenants and contractors access a single shared database. This is a powerful solution for large site providers who require information to be shared across all parties accessing their sites - For example a large site provider with multiple tenants and contractors accessing a collection of sites. Sharing of information with all parties is critical to ensure smooth operation of your sites.

However, for tenants this poses a problem in that sensitive information is held in a shared database. To facilitate this scenario the Siteshare platform can support a shared cloud database for common shared information, while at the same time hold sensitive data in a private database on behalf of the tenant or operator. This provides a powerful solution combining the scalability and flexibility of the cloud solution while restricting access to the sensitive data.


Our platform is designed from the ground up with security of information at the forefront. From SSL access from browsers to specific encryption of fields in our databases we can help protect your data from unauthorised access. We also employ active security monitoring tools monitor access 24/7 and analyse logins, attempted logins and other activity on the platform and quickly identify threats and notify our support staff instantly.

In addition we can support two stage logins, custom PIN numbers on specific applications and encryption keys to secure highly sensitive data.


Whether it's 10 to 100,000 sites, Siteshare can scale to support any site requirement you have.

Nominal support for Mobile operators

In the mobile site business, operators build their business around unique nominals for each site. Siteshare supports custom nominals for each tenant and allows contractors and tenants to choose their sites based on these nominals.

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