Building Maintenance

Site Inspections manager

Siteshare's Inspection manager is designed to help you, your tenants and your contractors to complete and track site inspections and defects. It's template driven so that is can be configured to mimic any existing inspection form that you use.


- Integrated approvals/reject support for reviewing inspections and ensuring quality
- Supports an unlimited number of questions per template
- Capture unlimited photos of the site, meters etc
- Track and add defects from the inspection directly into the defect manager
- Automatically forward any completed inspection form to appropriate group or even to a 3rd party organization for review and approval
- Extensive reporting on completions, pending inspections and defects
- Integrated with our job scheduler to automatically route defects to contractors for resolution


In detail

Our new Inspections and defect manager provides you with a powerful application to help you manage and control your site inspections. It's designed to mimic your current inspection forms and allows any contractor to carry out the inspection and record the inspection data are per your standard inspection form.

Defect's can also be added from the inspection form and these defects can then be assigned to your contractor for fixing.

Template driven

Our inspection manager is completely template driven. We can build a template to match any inspection form or spreadsheet that you currently use. Your staff and contractors will already be familiar with this form so making transition to Siteshare simple and straight forward.

Photo upload

The inspection manager supports an unlimited photo upload capability. Your staff and contractors can take and upload any photos such are electricity meters and site faults.

Defect tracking

The inspection app is tightly integrated with our defect manager so that any defects identified during a site inspection can be automatically added to the system defect manager. Defects can be assigned target completion or fix dates and progress tracked against these dates with automatic alerts if overdue.

Track your defects against budget codes, ticketing number and contractor and take control over your defects and fixes.

Extensive Reporting

Our extensive reports will provide you with the progress of any inspection program and gives you complete control over your project and resources.

Powerful inspection scheduler

Inspection's can be scheduled in advance with a target completion date assigned to them. Your staff and contractors will be notified in advance of a pending inspection and can schedule resources accordingly. You can track completion of these inspections against your target dates and alert on any inconsistencies.

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