Building Maintenance

Estates Management

Managing multiple contracts with many customers and ensuring billing is accurate and timely is difficult to manage. Our estates manager is designed to help automate the process of managing incoming and outgoing revenue, planning applications and decisions. We can track licenses and leases across any site, manage rent reviews and breaks and share and communicate any planning decisions.

Licenses and leases

Our estates manager supports both leases and licenses on sites. Whether you have revenue coming in from leases on your sites or have costs associated with licenses on 3rd party sites we can help you manage these agreements. From legal documents, to rent reviews and breaks and planning application and decisions.

Planning Applications & decisions

Siteshare can track and monitor any planning applications and decisions. Our planning application allows you to track the progress from the initial application through each decision phase.

Our document repository can store any planning document associated with an application and share with your staff.

Rental Agreements

We can manage multiple rental agreements for a site, including different rent review dates, or rent breaks. If you are managing licenses on 3rd party sites our estates manager will proactively notify you of any upcoiming rent reviews so that you are prepared.

Local Authority Charges

The Siteshare estates manager supports UBR (universal business rates) and cam adjust any billings automatically based on the latest rate for your location.

Asset tracking

Our estates manager also integrates with our asset register to provide you with seamless management of your sites. You can build up rate cards for assets on sites for individual customers. When an asset is added to any of your sites we can automatically trigger an adjustment in the estates billing.

If you are managing income from licenses on your sites any change in assets by your tenants can be tracked and reflected in the estates manager and trigger an adjustment.

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