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Asset Manager

Managing your assets, or the assets of your tenants on your sites, is necessary for any site provider or operator. With constant equipment changes, multiple contractors on site and frequent equipment failures keeping track of what equipment is actually installed on site is difficult.

As a site provider you need to track and manage what equipment has been installed on your site, who owns it and has it been billed for. Our asset register not only helps you manage the assets installed but also links them directly to your estates or contract manager to ensure that each and every asset is charged for.

As a tenant or operator on a 3rd party site you need to keep track of your equipment and its location. With many different contractors employed and ever changing contractor staff, keeping your asset register up to date is almost impossible. Siteshare can manage your assets and even automatically update from from the contractors booking for the site.


Flexible template driven application

Our asset templates allow you to create any type of asset and track up to 40 different parameters for the asset. This gives you great flexibility in managing your asset base.

The asset manager gives you a powerful tool and actively manage any equipment on your site. Using custom templates you can configure our tool to track any asset of any type. For example if you create a template for a 1.2m antenna then all antennas added with this template would track the following:

- The location (height) of the asset on the site, It's bearing, installation date, manufacturer and model information , which other equipment the antenna or dish is connected to , the output power, the frequency the antenna is transmitting on etc. Up to 40 different items can be recorded for each asset.

Complete integration with your site management applications

The asset register integrates with our other site management tools - Open an asset and see which estates contract its covered by, or see where the asset is located on the mast with our space management app. If you use our bookings & access module you can add or replace assets as part of the booking or swap out existing assets.

Having an integrated asset and estates manager also ensures that any equipment installed on your sites is correctly reflected in the estates manager and billed appropriately.

Enhanced control for site providers

For site providers your business is your tenants and the equipment installed on your sites. The Siteshare asset management application gives you complete control over which tenant has equipment installed on which sites and more importantly , which contract the installation is covered under.

- Ensure correct billing for all equipment on your sites
- Track assets by tenancy contract or view which assets as covered by which contract
- Maximise space utilization on your sites using our integrated space management app
- Ensure assets are updated by contractors by utilizing our integrated booking and access manager to track any changes to assets while contractors are on site ( New installations/ Decommission / Equipment swap outs )

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