Building Maintenance

About us

Whether you are a site provider or a tenant or operator, Siteshare has applications to help you manage your business. From access management , contractor control , managing assets and equipment on site or rolling out new sites, Siteshare can help you manage your sites efficiently and within budget.

About Siteshare

Siteshare gives your organization powerful applications to help you manage and control every aspect of your site management. Our cloud architecture gives you access to your applications in the office or on the road and because we're outside your firewall we can connect your applications to your contractor and suppliers.


Our unique platform allows you to add in applications when your business needs them and remove them when not required. This provides your business with complete flexibility over which applications are in use.

Cost management

Siteshare is one of the most affordable solutions available, with flexible SAAS (Software As A Service) pricing options that can match any budget requirements. We can even offer our complete suite of applications free to operators using our cost offset program.


We maintain our servers and communications network to ensure maximum uptime and application availability using industry standard best practices. Our systems are reliable and secure and in over 5 years of operation we have attained in excess of 99.9% uptime. With redundant web servers and mirrored database servers through to high bandwidth internet connections , Siteshare can reliably provide your user community with access to your applications and data 24/7, 365 days a year.

Server Status

All services running normally