Building Maintenance

Siteshare - We manage sites

Site management is our business - Whether its a mobile mast site, gas, electricity, ATM , a building or even a communications cabinet on the side of the road we can help you manage it better. We can record everything about it, map it, track what's on it, how to gain access to it, book it, photos , who is accessing it and why, what's been added or removed, even how much it's costing you and more.

We offer over ten applications that you can choose as your business needs change - Deploy one application now and swap it out for another application in 6 months time at no additional cost. Siteshare is the ultimate in cloud flexibility.

Site Providers & Owners

Siteshare can help you manage access, health and safety, contractor accreditation and assets all in a single powerful application



From acquisition, to rollout, to live operations, contract management - Siteshare has a complete application suite to manage your site assets from end to end.


Network Equipment Suppliers

Keeping frequent contact with your operators is always challenging given the infrequent purchasing requirements. Equipment is purchased and contact ceases for long periods of time. What if you had an application that brought the key decision makers in the telcos to your product every day. By partnering with Siteshare you can maintain a daily connection with these key decision makers and influence their purchasing decisions for future product.


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